Ryan Tanner

Software Developer

I'm a software engineer and tech lead at Twitter in Boulder. While at Twitter I've worked on realtime stream processing and metrics pipelines and our offline tweet archive. Currently I lead the team responsible for the billing system underlying Twitter's new premium API platform.

Prior to joining Twitter I was the first hire at now-defunct Conspire, a TechStars company. I've been working with Scala since 2010 and teach two classes on the collections library at Twitter.

Job Experience

Twitter | July 2015 - Present.
Conspire | April 2013 - March 2015.
Capgemini | August 2012 - February 2013.


Computer Science | Trinity University, 2012.
International Affairs | Institut d'études politiques, Strasbourg, France, 2010.

Recent Projects

Technical integration lead for the subscription billing capabilities of Twitter's new premium API platform, launched November 2017.

Realtime stateful stream processing using Apache Kafka and Apache Flink, ingesting trillions of events per day.

Akka-based distributed ingestion and analytics platform providing resiliency and scalability. Case Study Presented at PNWScala 2014

Contact Information

- ryantanner.org
- me@ryantanner.org

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